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Serving Pennsylvania



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Indoor Air Quality in Bucks and Montgomery Counties

proper humidity levels within the home improve

Expert installations of whole house duct mounted humidifiers, central air cleaners, HEPA air cleaners, ultra violet lights, indoor air quality products.

It's amazing how the quality of your home's air affects the quality of your life. Unfortunately, poor indoor air quality in the home continues to be a concern for many of us.EPA報告說,汙染的室內空氣可能比戶外空氣更高4-5倍!

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我們的知識淵博的員工最新,最偉大的產品之上,旨在提高您在家中的任何時候呼吸的空氣質量。Whether it’s excessive dust, dry air that causes irritation of the eyes, nose, sinuses, throat and dry skin, allergens, virus and bacteria in the air, stale air and odors lingering in the home, headache or fatigue caused by poor indoor air – Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling has a solution for you. Call todayfor a free evaluation of your home’s indoor air.


  • 整個房子加濕器
  • Central air cleaners
  • 超紫羅蘭燈
  • HEPA過濾器
  • 蒸汽加濕器
  • 全房除濕係統
  • Energy recovery ventilators
  • Fresh air intakes
  • Electronic air cleaners
  • Air cleaner installations
  • Aprilaire安裝

We service and install, all leading brands, makes and models:

  • 霍尼韋爾
  • 四月館
  • Trane Clean Effects
  • IQ Air
  • Many More!

In recent years, the quality and cleanliness of the air that we breathe on a constant basis has received increased attention from doctors, scientists, universities, governments and homeowners worldwide. As study after study is completed, the general public is becoming more aware of the health effects that are caused by poor indoor air quality. In fact, The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) states that indoor air is four to five times more polluted than outdoor air!

“在過去幾年中,越來越多的合作夥伴ntific evidence has indicated that the air within homes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor air in even the largest and most industrialized cities. Other research indicates that people spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors. Thus, for many people, the risks to health may be greater due to exposure to air pollution indoors than outdoors.

"In addition, people who may be exposed to indoor air pollutants for the longest periods of time are often those most susceptible to the effects of indoor air pollution. Such groups include the young, the elderly, and the chronically ill, especially those suffering from respiratory or cardiovascular disease."

Call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling todayfor any indoor air quality installation.

我們提供工作的室內空氣質量產品!We’re so confident in our indoor air quality products that they all come with a full 3 year parts and labor warranty. We also have a 30 day trial period for any indoor air quality product that we install, if you’re not happy with the results you experience with any indoor air quality product that we provide with 30 days, we’ll remove it and refund your money, no questions asked! Call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for any of your family’s indoor air quality needs.

緊急服務!We’re always there for our customers. We have live people answering the phones 24/7 and technicians available to our customers in their time of need – whenever that time is.

Always use a trained, licensed and insured contractor!我們所有的技術人員都收到了最新的室內空氣質量培訓和技術,我們隻使用今天的最高質量產品。搭配卡尼管bob电竞押注道加熱和散熱,您可以放心,您可以齊心輕。我們的技術人員在他們的領域獲得了不斷的培訓。我們完全授權並為您的保護保險。

Do you know who’s in your home?bob电竞押注Carney管道加熱和冷卻員工必須通過刑事背景檢查和隨機物質濫用測試。這有助於確保我們發送給您的家的人是您在那裏的舒適。我們使用地板保護程序“靴子”,然後落下衣服來保護您的家。

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling has been serving Bucks and Montgomery Counties since 1976! Voted #1 HVAC company in Bucks and Montgomery Counties!

The Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety identifies the following symptoms as being commonly linked to exposure to poor indoor air quality:

  • Dryness and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, and skin
  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • 氣促
  • Hypersensitivity and allergies
  • Sinus congestion
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • Dizziness
  • 惡心

As an increasing amount of homeowners have become aware of the importance of indoor air quality and realized the impact of poor indoor air quality on their lives or those of their loved ones, they have turned their attention to trying to solve the air quality problems in their homes.

Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling offers a full line of products to help homeowners improve the indoor air quality in their home including whole house humidification, whole house dehumidification, whole house filtration and ultra violet air treatment.


Many homeowners find the excessive dryness in their homes during heating season to be extremely uncomfortable – and for good reason. Some of the common symptoms associated with a dry home include dry nose, cracked, itchy skin, sore throats, aggravated allergy and asthma symptoms as well as painful static shocks.

In addition, the excessive dryness affects your house. Chipped paint and plaster. split or cracked wood floors, furniture, trim and molding are all indications of excessive dryness in the home.


We offer several whole house humidifiers to improve your comfort during those dry winter months.


In contrast, just as lack of humidification is a source of discomfort for many homeowners during the winter months, excessive humidity is a common problem in the hot humid summer months. Common signs of excessive humidity include "clammy" skin, stuffy feeling air, musty odors in the home and condensation on water pipes.

Whole home dehumidification systems offer several advantages when compared to portable stand alone units. Whole home systems remove 2 to 4 times more moisture from the air than stand alone units. Whole home systems are ducted into your home’s heating and cooling system to dehumidify the whole home when your cooling system is running – not just area in the immediate vicinity of where the unit is located (they can also be configured to automatically dehumidify a basement when the cooling system is not in operation). Whole home systems are up to 4 times more energy efficient than stand alone models and they are extremely quiet.





Fresh Air

The EPA and The American Lung Association agree that proper ventilation is one of the three major strategies to healthy indoor air. According to the EPA, concentrations of toxic pollutants can be up to one hundred times greater inside a home than outside, even in our smoggiest cities. As homes are built tighter with better windows, more insulation and higher–efficiency heating and cooling systems, the need for adequate ventilation becomes even more important. Gases and vapors – emitted from new carpeting, building materials, cleaning supplies, candles, pesticides, personal care products, glues and adhesives become "trapped" inside the home without proper ventilation.


Call Carney Plumbing Heating & Cooling today for comfort enhancing indoor air quality improvements in Bucks and Montgomery Counties, Pennsylvania.